Samsung Warranty Service

Please contact the retailer where you purchased your Samsung drive for a replacement first. If the retailer is not available for some reason such as they have closed or are insolvent then we can process your drive for you with the following conditions.

  • No refunds
  • Recertified drive will be replaced with same model or equivalent product
  • If we find illegal or incorrect usage, Rexo will reject to service request
  • For RAID system like a NAS, Samsung allow you to use RAID models only. Visit for more information. If you use an incorrect product installed in your RAID system then Samsung will reject your warranty request.

Samsung hard disk drives carry a 39 month warranty from the date of purchase. You can use our online warranty checker below to see if your drive qualifies. If your drive does not qualify based on the manufacturing date then you are required to send a proof of purchase with your drive to prove that you have purchased it within the last 39 months.

Note that we cannot accept OEM drives for warranty service. For warranty service on OEM drives please contact your computer's manufacturer. You can determine if your drive is an OEM drive by looking at the model number. If the model number contains /SCC, /OMD, /NBM or /DOM then it is an OEM drive.

Please visit the Samsung Warranty Support site to register, create and track your RMA request.